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Poolday Paris is a French swimwear brand founded in 2019 by 3 young women under 25: Julia Desvignes, Gaëlle Ibrahim and Charlotte Brunel.

Physically different, the three young women use their own morphologies to create their first collection. They have a common desire: offer cuts that adapt to all shapes.
The main idea: feel good in your suit, just like in a second skin.

The three friends, who share the same passion for fashion, put in boarding school in 2014 and have never left each other. Julia studied
business and entrepreneurship, Gaëlle is perfecting her knowledge of fashion design in Beirut, and Charlotte is an expert in marketing. In 2018, Julia designed a line of swimsuits that immediately wowed her friends. Together, they decided to create Poolday Paris.

Their swimsuits, curved, sheathing, mismatched, comfortable and modular, offer total freedom of movement. Because every woman
is different and unique, she wants a swimsuit tailored for her that allows her to feel confident. A promise delivered with the ultra-soft and eco-responsible fabrics made in France. A success, such that a first store will open in Paris during spring 2020.

Poolday suits are made out of Oeko-Tex certified fabric, made in France which sculpts the body. The pouches offered with each suit are made of a recyclable material. The patterns are designed in Paris. Then, they are reworked in detail by pattern makers in Bordeaux.

Finally, the jerseys are hand-sewn in a small workshop in Tunisia, under the personal supervision of the girls. The depth of the cups adapt to every cleavage: they never yawn. They are modular by link systems at the waist, chest and back. The stitching details are designed not to rub or interfere.

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